Boys On The Superior Side®

Pop-Ups and Events

Visions: Collaboration with On1Tokyo -- March 2020, Tokyo, JP 

Keijiban: Collaboration with On1Tokyo, PDTYLA, SVSING.PPP, TEKVIR at B1-A Gallery -- March 2020, Tokyo, JP 

VIIBE Check: Partnership with WYVWM (@wyvwmrecords) at The Crown Baltimore -- February 2020, Baltimore, MD, US 

Fashion Tech Week: Collaboration with ON1Tokyo (@on1tokyo) at EDGEof -- October 2019, Tokyo, JP 

Life Parc - Collaboration with Life Parc (@lifeparc) -- June 2019, Tokyo, JP 

Yanagi Street Market - Partnership with local businesses in Tsuyama City -- June 2019, Okayama, JP 

New Tone, Share Groove Market: Collaboration with New Tone -- May 2019, Osaka, JP 

Tokyo Love Hotels: Collaboration with Tokyo Love Hotels (@tokyolovehotels) -- April 2019, Tokyo, JP 

Late Registration: Collaboration with The Demo Tape (@thedemotape), and Baltimore brands/artists such as: President Davo (@president_davo), Tate Kobang (@realtatekobang), HEY (@heyakilogram), and more -- Baltimore, USA, August 2018

Ripp’d Canvas: Partnership with Ripp’d Canvas (@rippdcanvas) -- Baltimore, USA December 2017 

UNVEIL: Fashion show event collaborating with East Coast clothing brands. Partnership with Homebase Skateshop, Broadway Social, and Grand Khai (@grandkhai) -- Pennsylvania, USA August 2017 

MVMNT Fest: Partnership with MVMNT Boutique -- Pennsylvania, USA August 2017 

Southside Arts & Music Festival: Partnership with Banana Factory and Steel Stacks -- Pennsylvania, USA, April 2017 

SXSW: Collaboration with Bishear Joba (@kidballoon). Pop up shop with visual arts experience -- Austin, TX March 2016

Extravaganza: Partnership event with Homebase Skateshop (@homebase610 and @2ndbasevintage), Thouzand (thouzandfloyd), and Comfort Suites hotel -- Pennsylvania, USA September 2015

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